Crypto algorithmic trading consultants & software developers  

We build trading systems and algorithmic investment strategies. We provide liquidity to crypto exchanges & token projects across CEX and DEX platforms 



We provide crypto-specific market making on 50+ centralised and decentralised exchanges, consultancy services, software development, trading systems and trading strategy research. Our founding team combines academic excellence in applied mathematics and machine learning from Oxford, Cambridge and Princeton universities, along with decades of combined professional track-record at multinational software companies and global investment managers (Microsoft, Goldman Sachs) compounded with several years of cryptocurrency industry experience. 


Our growing London & Tokyo development teams can assist with tokenomics, smart contract design, NFT market-place advisory as well as cross-chain bridges and DEX anti-bot features. We can also devise and execute custom DeFi market making strategies to achieve your desired liquidity and price objectives.

We work with our clients as partners, leveraging our technology and trading expertise to help your project grow.  Our clients range from newly launched tokens to several established CMC top-100 projects.  We are proud of the trust our clients place in us and the long-term relationships we have cultivated.

We are always open to new conversations. If you'd like to explore how we can help further grow your crypto business or project, please get in touch.

All our software is exclusive and proprietary, written and maintained in-house with no reliance on off-the-shelf or third party products. We were included in an industry review of leading market makers performed by Hummingbot.


Crypto Exchanges & token PROJECTS

By deploying our HIRO market making technology we help new and established token offerings grow closer to their aim of a top-tier exchange listing.  We enable our clients to benefit from enhanced coin liquidity and to attract increased transaction volumes. 


As well as token projects we also work closely with new and emerging crypto exchanges, providing optimised liquidity to their order books. Tight spreads, 24/7 up-time and steady quotes define our offering, helping exchanges further grow their volumes. 

We support most cex & DEX platforms


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

algoRITHMIC trading consulting & BLOCKCHAIN development

We develop crypto-specific trading bots and cloud-based low-latency smart order execution algorithms for our clients on both centralised and decentralised currency exchanges.

We are familiar with all EVMs (Ethereum Virtual Machines) and run a multitude of algorithms across multiple chains on behalf of our  clients.  


Our DeFi development team can assist with:

  • Tokenomics

  • White papers

  • Smart contract design

  • NFTs (encompassing ERC-1155s & ERC721s), full-stack NFT minters, NFT marketplaces

  • Full-stack Dapps published on a choice of networks

  • Cross-chain bi-directional EVM bridges

  • Customised smart contract anti-bot features

  • Liquidity & market making - we can devise and execute custom strategies to achieve your desired liquidity and price objectives

  • General advisory

We have also delivered numerous bespoke cryptocurrency software projects for exchanges and token issuers.  Come and speak to us today about your requirements and find out how we can meet your business' need.


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